Dimitrios Koutsonikolas

is an Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Engineering Department of the University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. He received his PhD in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Purdue University in August 2010. His research interests are broadly in experimental wireless networking and mobile computing, with a focus on high performance/energy efficient protocol design and implementation, testbed prototyping, network measurements, and performance evaluation. He received the NSF CAREER Award in 2016.

dimitrio [at] buffalo [dot] edu

Ph.D. Students

Ramanujan K. Sheshadri


holds a MS degree in Computer Science from University at Buffalo, The State University of New York. His research interests are broadly in experimental wireless networking and smartphone networking. He interned at the Technicolor’s Paris Research & Innovation Center (Dr. Ioannis Pefkianakis) in Summer 2013.

ramanuja [at] buffalo [dot] edu


Swetank Kumar Saha

swetankreceived the B.Tech. degree in Computer Science and Engineering from IIIT-Delhi, India in May, 2013. In the past, he worked on studying power consumption of 802.11n/ac chipsets in smartphones. Currently, he is investigating the feasibility of 802.11ad Indoor WLANs and exploring the possibility of mesh networking in the 60GHz spectrum.

swetankk [at] buffalo [dot] edu


Hanbin Zhang

hanbinreceived his M.S. degree and B.S. degree from Xidian University, China, where he worked on Interference Management and Capacity of Wireless Networks, and the standardization and prototype development of Next Generation Wireless LANS. Now, his research interests lie in 802.11ad wireless LANS. He is currently working on the implementation of a 60 GHz testbed and explores the feasibility of 60 GHz WLANS in indoor environments.

hanbinzh [at] buffalo [dot] edu


M.S. Students

Elroy Alva

    Abhishek Gautam

      Armaan Goyal

        Abhishek Kannan

          Nishant Ravichandran

            Tariq Siddiqui



              Li Sun
              [Ph.D., May 2017, VMware, Inc.]

              Avinash Palamanda
              [M.S., February 2017]

              Parag Medhe
              [M.S., February 2017]

              Naved Merchant
              [M.S., February 2017]

              Tejeet Desai
              [M.S., February 2016]

              Apurva Paradkar
              [M.S., February 2016]

              Selvaganesh Dharmeswaran
              [M.S., February 2016, Amazon Inc.]

              Aniket Mahesh Deole
              [M.S., February 2016, VMware]

              Pratham Malik
              [M.S., February 2016, Hughes Communications]

              Satya P. Bhukar
              [M.S., February 2015, CommVault Systems, Inc.]

              Haotian Deng
              [M.S., February 2015, PhD student at OSU]

              Avinash Paruchuri
              [M.S., February 2015, Bloomberg L.P.]

              Vivek Raghuvanshi
              [M.S., February 2015, Amazon, Inc.]

              Aditya Singla
              [M.S., February 2015, SiteCompli]

              Pratik Deshpande
              [M.S., February 2015, GoHealthInsurance]

              Atman A. Mehta
              [M.S., February 2014, Juniper Networks, Inc.]

              Hitesh Jain
              [M.S., February 2013, Amazon, Inc.]

              Wei Zheng
              [M.S., February 2013, PhD student at UB.]

              Vikramsinh Sawant
              [M.S., February 2013, Dow Jones.]

              Prasanth Chakka
              [M.S., May 2013]

              Ninad Warty
              [M.S., May 2012, ViaSat, Inc.]

              Shashank K. Sathish
              [M.S., May 2012, Cisco Systems, Inc..]

              Darshan Malleshappa
              [M.S., February 2017]

              Tejash Thakkar
              [M.S., February 2017]

              Sarang Dev
              [M.S., February 2017]

              Harishankar Vishwanathan
              [M.S., February 2016, FactSet Research Systems]

              Viral Vijay Vira
              [M.S., February 2016, Amazon, Inc.]

              Karamveer Choudhary
              [M.S., February 2016, Amazon, Inc.]

              Nikhil Raphael Lopes
              [M.S., February 2016, AOL]

              Andrew Tennenbaum
              [B.S., May 2015]

              Anuj Garg
              [M.S., May 2015, FactSet Research Systems, Inc.]

              Niraj Gupta
              [M.S., February 2015, Electronic Arts, Inc.]

              Rakesh Baingolkar
              [M.S., February 2015, BlackRock, Inc.]

              Vinay Agrawal
              [M.S., February 2015, Epic Systems Corp.]

              Pranav P. Inamdar
              [M.S., February 2015, Amazon, Inc.]

              Amit P. Singh
              [M.S., February 2015, Hughes Communications]

              Manish Jain
              [M.S., February 2014, Alcatel-Lucent]

              Weixian Zhou
              [M.S., February 2013, Microsoft (Beijing).]

              Naveen Rawat
              [M.S., February 2013, Atheros Qualcomm.]

              Dhruv Nathani
              [M.S., May 2013, Janrain, Inc.]

              Ying Mao
              [M.S., February 2012, PhD student at UMass Boston.]

              Rohit Kundalkar
              [M.S., February 2012, Bloomberg, L.P.]

              Jay Inamdar
              [M.S., May 2012, Symmetricom, Inc.]



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