• MuSher: Source code of our Musher MPTCP scheduler and a set of MPTCP instrumentation tools from our MobiCom 2019 paper.
  • Networking Programming Assignments: a set of three networking programming assignments, along with an automated tester/grader, available to both students and instructors. The assignments have been used in CSE 489/589, a joint senior undergraduate/introductory graduate class at UB.
  • Pacifier: An application-layer implementation of our reliable, high-throughput multicast protocol (presented in INFOCOM 2009) and the MORE protocol in Linux.


  • MPTCP performance characterization over 802.11ad/802.11ac dataset from our MobiCom 2019 paper.
  • X60 datasets (SNR, Impulse Response, Power Delay Profile, RSSI, Throughput, Phase, etc.) from our COMCOM 2018 paper: send email to
  • WiFi datasets (scan results and connection status collected using the PhoneLab smartphone testbed) from our INFOCOM 2016 paper.
  • 802.11n/ac datasets (throughput, power, energy) from our ICDCS 2014 paper: send email to